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In response to the "Belt and Road" initiative to promote Chinese enterprises to go global, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade will hold a seminar on Investment Opportunities and Risk prevention in Southeast Asia in Shenzhen on June 22。

With the theme of "opportunities" and "challenges" faced by Chinese enterprises investing in Southeast Asian countries, the conference exchanged and discussed the market environment, investment opportunities and risk management of Southeast Asian countries。The meeting will invite representatives of the Consulates General of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand in Guangzhou to introduce their investment environment, invite the leaders of the economic and trade cooperation parks established in the above countries to introduce the general situation of the parks, and invite overseas security and legal and regulatory experts to explain the investment risks in Southeast Asia。

There are great prospects for economic and trade cooperation between Chinese enterprises in Southeast Asia in the fields of infrastructure construction, agricultural product processing, mining development, industrial system construction, electrical equipment and spare parts, mechanical equipment and spare parts, transportation equipment and spare parts, electronic integrated circuits and logistics,Let enterprises have an in-depth understanding of the investment environment of the three Southeast Asian countries and the construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones,It lays a solid foundation for enterprises to "go out" and invest in Southeast Asia。

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09:30-10:00 Conference registration

10:00-10:20 Welcome speech

Spokesperson: Representative of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

10:20-10:50 Introduction to the investment environment in Cambodia

10:50-11:20 Introduction to Thailand's investment environment

11:20-11:50 Introduction to Vietnam's investment environment

11:50-12:00 Speech by representatives of Guangdong Council for the Promotion of International Trade

12:00-13:00 Working lunch

13:00-13:30 Speech by representatives of Shenzhen Council for the Promotion of International Trade

13:30-14:00 Introduction to Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone in Cambodia

14:00-14:30 Overall security situation and development trend of Southeast Asian countries

Spokesperson: Zhou Rong, senior researcher and senior overseas security expert at Chongyang Institute, Renmin University of China

14:30-15:00 Introduction to Thailand Rayong Industrial Park

15:00-15:30 Overseas interests protection practice and case analysis

Spokesperson: Zhang Jie, President of Huamao Junyuan International Security Co., LTD

15:30-15:40   茶歇

15:40-16:10 Introduction to Vietnam Long Jiang Industrial Park

16:10-16:30 Investing in Southeast Asian laws and regulations

Speaker: Representative of DFDL Law Firm

16:30-17:00 Questions and Answers

17:00 The meeting ends

Official registration channel:

Registration deadline: June 19 (Tuesday) 10:00 am

Reminder: The registration channel will be closed automatically after 10:00 am on June 19, please register within the specified time。


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