Qingyuan City Committee, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

Main responsibilities of CCPIT:
   To carry out contacts with the economic and trade circles of all countries in the world and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, invite and receive foreign economic, trade and technical circles and delegations to visit, and organize economic and trade delegations and study groups to visit and study abroad。Organizing and municipalities directly under the Central Government to go abroad or hold or participate in various conferences or exhibitions conducive to foreign trade and technological progress;Arrange and receive foreign countries or Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan area relevant departments or business institutions to hold economic trade and technology exhibitions in this city;To organize training courses on foreign economic and trade activities;Issue certificates of origin for Chinese export commodities,Issuing and certifying documents and documents for foreign trade and transportation of goods;To undertake consulting services related to foreign laws and regulations,Accept applications for mediation and arbitration of international trade disputes;Acting for Qingyuan enterprises in foreign countries or foreign companies and individuals in China to handle trademark registration and patent applications,To undertake consulting, dispute and technology trade related to industrial property rights;To carry out other matters relating to the promotion of economic and trade development;To undertake other matters assigned by the municipal people's Government and the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade。


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