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       According to the management provisions of China's work of origin, all kinds of enterprises applying for the issuance of certificates of origin must register with the visa agency authorized by the state, and be registered after examination and approval, and be valid for one year。During this period, registered enterprises such as corporate legal person, business site and scope, manual signature (application) personnel changes, or export goods processing procedures, raw materials, products changes must be reported to the visa agency in a timely manner。The annual audit matters are hereby notified as follows:
First, the annual review time
From December 1 to December 31, 2016
Second, the annual audit object
Businesses registered before January 1, 2016
Third, annual review materials
    1. Submit a copy of the latest business license of the enterprise legal person with the official seal;
    2, in the national enterprise credit information publicity system a screenshot of the "Registration Information" page of the company or the "Basic Information" page on the commercial main platform on the business license, print it into A4 paper and submit it with official seal;
    3. Submit a copy of the registration form of foreign trade operators or the approval certificate of foreign-invested enterprises with the official seal, which should be copied front and back;
    4, submit the 2016 Annual Certificate of Origin application Enterprise Annual Audit Form (at the same time, send the electronic version of the annual audit form (备注:1.Electronic version does not need stamp, can be downloaded in my QQ group file, group number: 287913503;2.Please change the completed annual audit form to "2015*** Company Annual Audit Data")。
4. Precautions
       Please complete the annual audit according to the above requirements before December 31, 2016。Overdue will be regarded as automatic abandonment of the annual audit, its electronic registration documents will be deleted, will not be able to handle the application for certificate of origin and related certification business。
5. Annual audit fee: free
Sixth, annual review
        Setting: Qingyuan City Committee, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
        Address: Room 1309, Qingyuan Building, Luming Road, Qingyuan City
        Contact: Miss Huang Miss Xie
        Contact number: 0763-3363829

附件: Annual Examination Form for enterprises applying for Certificate of Origin in 2016

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