The reporter recently learned in the Jiubei town of Lianyi village,Qingyuan City rural revitalization in Jiubei town help town village work team since its arrival,Integrate the resources of mining assistance units,Relying on the local unique agricultural production conditions,Combined with land, water quality, selenium and other advantages of natural resources,Introduce third-party agri-tech companies,A demonstration project for rural revitalization industry of sweet potato cultivation was jointly built,And sweet potato planting as a leading product,Radiation drives more farmers to develop cooperatively,Form a community of farmers' interests that integrates production, supply and marketing。




     The sweet potato planting project covers a total area of about 500 mu, with a total investment of about 2 million yuan。Lianzhou Lianyi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Baishi Agricultural Development Co., LTD. (collective enterprises) integrate and transfer village-level land to third-party agricultural technology companies for large-scale and industrial planting, explore the fixed land rent + collective circulation income + idle labor re-employment model, and build a joint agricultural and agricultural interests。


     Since our Qingyuan City Jiubei Town help town village work team stationed in Jiubei town,Commit to the development of industry,The basic idea of industrial revitalization is determined,After more than a year of hard work,Jiubei Town has formed a basic industrial chain,Now we have also developed a processing industry by growing sweet potatoes,Lian Yi purple potato powder processing plant was established,Also obtained the production license,On the e-commerce platform sales,At the same time, Jiubei E-commerce Pavilion was established,Sell through e-commerce platforms,Sales are good, too,Therefore, a stable sales channel has been established,On the whole,Jiubei rural revitalization, especially industrial revitalization,Formed a certain basis,Good momentum of development。


     Jiupi Town Lianyi village Committee director, village Party secretary Cao Ye shuang


     This sweet potato planting base was introduced by our rural revitalization work team to Guangzhou investors to plant,The planting area is about 500 mu,In order to better develop the rural revitalization project,Our village committee is very supportive of them,The industry has enabled villagers to find jobs on their doorsteps,I hope this project takes root in our Lianyi Village,Create more value for the Lianyi villagers。


     It is understood,The sweet potato planting base mainly grows "purple potato Guijing 8", "West purple potato Guijing 8", "watermelon red" and "Ji potato 26" and other high value-added sweet potato varieties,And provide free seedling and technical guidance services for the surrounding villagers,Encourage them to cooperate in planting,Try to turn the "little sweet potato" into a golden "little golden melon"。At present, sweet potatoes are growing well, and the growth trend of green oil is expected to be listed in large quantities in mid-October。


     Our current sweet potato planting base covers 500 mu, which can provide 5,000 employment opportunities for surrounding villagers and bring 500,000 yuan of labor income to surrounding farmers. Our sweet potato industrial base can provide 5 million yuan of output value income for Jiupi rural revitalization。


Base boss Lau Chin-choi

     Our product is called 008 purple sweet potato, it contains relatively high anthocyanins, low sugar, the entrance is relatively cotton, you can see that its violet degree is relatively high, we are generally sold to Shanghai and Beijing and other places, customers have eaten it said that it is very delicious, and very healthy, the sales price is also good。

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