In order to fully implement the spirit of the province's high-quality development conference, centering on the goal and task of accelerating the development of Qingyuan City's "six new", continue to increase investment promotion efforts to achieve high-quality development of Qingyuan。On February 27-28, He Jiubin, president of Qingyuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade, went to Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce for research。


     27th afternoon,Qingyuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade He Jiubin, Qingyuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade General business Section chief Deng Ji in Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice president and Secretary General Song Zhenxiong accompanied to Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce member enterprises - Shenzhen Longxing Polishing Factory Industrial Park (Baoan District Shiyan Street Jie Jiabao Road No. 20) visit。Ms. He Huiling, excellent entrepreneur of Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce and chairman of Shenzhen Fugang Chamber of Commerce, introduced the development process of the enterprise to He Jiubin in detail。






     On the morning of the 28th, He Jiubin, president of the Qingyuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade, accompanied by Zhong Junhao, president of the Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce, went to No. 7, Mingfu Lane, Shanglian New Village, Gongming Shangcun, Guangming District, Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce, executive Vice president Chen Jingsen's unit, Shenzhen Sencheng Silicone Rubber Co., LTD。




     On the afternoon of the 28th, He Jiubin, President of the Qingyuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Deng Tabi, chief of the Comprehensive Business Section of the Qingyuan Council, accompanied by Jiang Dongxiong, Vice president of the Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce, visited Shenzhen Innovative Smart Port Industrial Park, where Ye Guohua, Executive Vice president and vice chairman, is located。Guided by Xiao Qiuxiang, general manager of Shenzhen Innovation Smart Port, visit Xinqiao Street Manufacturing Industry Exhibition Hall in detail, Shenzhen Guoweiyuan Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen Naweiyuan Technology Co., LTD., Shenzhen SDIC Innovation Technology Co., LTD。


     He Jiubin exchanged views with entrepreneurs of Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce in Baoan Shiyan Longxing Polishing Factory Industrial Park and Shenzhen Innovation Smart Port Industrial Park in Xinqiao Street, Baoan District respectively。He Qiubin thanked Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce to unite and lead the members of Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce to work together for the common economic and cultural development of Shenzhen and Qingyuan,In the construction of "Shenzhen Qingyuan" two economic and trade bridge,To build an exchange platform for entrepreneurship and development, and mobilize the majority of members to contribute to targeted poverty alleviation, flood relief, public welfare and charity in their hometown。He Jiubin paid high tribute to Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce for helping his hometown resume production and work during the 100-year flood in Qingyuan City in 2022。


     He Jiubin informed entrepreneurs at the forum about the economic development of Qingyuan City in 2023。He Jiubin said: In the past year,清远紧紧围绕习近平总书记赋予广东的使命任务,Conscientiously implement the specific deployment of "1310" of the Provincial Party Committee and the "Ten action Plans" of the Municipal Party Committee,Based on the "three best advantages",We will pay close attention to the "100 million project" and accelerate the integrated development of urban and rural areas,We will put the real economy first and pay close attention to the orderly transfer of industries,We will promote the effective transformation of "clear waters and green mountains" into "Jinshan and silver mountains"。The annual GDP grew by 4.5%, the growth rate is faster than the previous three quarters 1.3 percentage points, the planned industrial added value growth of 6.Industrial investment has maintained double-digit growth for 10 consecutive months, and the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery has increased by 6%, ranking among the top 4 in the province for two consecutive years。Industrial development is the core of economic development。In the past year, Qingyuan has made great efforts to seize opportunities, tap potential, actively promote industrial quality and efficiency, and further stimulate the momentum of high-quality development。With the dividend of "Guangqing integration" constantly developing in depth, Qingyuan actively joins hands with Guangzhou to explore industrial cooperation models such as "Guangzhou incubation + Qingyuan industrialization", "Guangzhou front-end + Qingyuan background", "Guangzhou R & D + Qingyuan manufacturing", "Guangzhou Headquarters + Qingyuan Base"。In 2023, the number of industrial transfer projects undertaken by the main platform of Qingyuan City ranks first in the province, the momentum of industrial development is getting better and better, and the confidence of the manufacturing industry is getting more and more sufficient。With one industrial project after another in Qingyuan to take root, development and growth, is becoming Qingyuan to enhance innovation ability, optimize the industrial structure of the new force, the "backbone" of high-quality development, outline the new picture of Qingyuan high-quality development。

      He Jiubin hopes that the majority of entrepreneurs will deeply learn the provincial Party Committee's "1310" specific deployment spirit,In the development of enterprises at the same time to participate in the "Qingyuan City hundreds of millions of high-quality development project",For the majority of Qingyuan people to return to society, back to feed their hometown matchmaking, create conditions,Help hometown to introduce more projects, capital, technology and talents。It is also hoped that Qingyuan entrepreneurs working in Shenzhen should take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, strengthen planning, seize opportunities, accelerate development, make enterprises better, bigger and stronger, be a good advocate and spokesperson for the high-quality development of Qingyuan, and help the high-quality development of Qingyuan。

      Deng Tabi, Chief of the General Business Section of the Qingyuan Council for the Promotion of International Trade, explained to the participating entrepreneurs the Implementation Measures of Qingyuan Intermediary Investment Incentives (Trial) at the forum.



     Qingyuan City intermediary Investment incentives Implementation Measures (Trial)  

     For the implementation of the provincial Party committee and provincial government high-quality development work deployment,Strengthen the attraction of our city to attract investment,According to the spirit of the document "Notice of the General Office of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government on Issuing Several Policies and Measures to Promote High-quality Development of Investment Promotion in Guangdong Province" (Guangdong Office Letter (2023) 45),We will create new models for attracting investment,We will improve the effectiveness of attracting investment,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social forces inside and outside the city to participate in the city's investment,Encourage investment promotion through intermediaries,We will accelerate the introduction of a number of high-quality large-scale projects,These implementation Measures have been formulated。

Article 1 Reward Object    
The "reward object" mentioned in these measures refers to the approval of Qingyuan Investment Promotion work leading group,Sign targeted investment cooperation agreements with local investment promotion departments,Provide real project investment intention to our city, and assist our city to contact investors directly,And track service,Enterprises or organizations that play a substantial role in promoting projects to settle in our city (hereinafter referred to as "referral agencies")。Institutions or enterprises actually controlled by or associated with the project investor, administrative organs at all levels, public institutions, people's organizations and state-owned enterprises are not included in the scope of award objects。

Article 2 Reward conditions and standards    
(1) Industrial orientation    
In principle, the recommended project must be settled in the industrial park, in line with the national, provincial and municipal industrial policies and environmental protection, safety production requirements, engaged in the scope of advanced manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province, settled in the industrial park "3+1" industrial system within the scope of the industry or the municipal Party committee and municipal government key investment industries manufacturing projects。Every year, the office of the leading Group of investment promotion work of the city will clarify the direction of key investment industries according to the requirements of the leading group, and projects that meet the above industries or the direction of key investment industries can be included in the scope of incentives。   

(2) Award standards    
The referral agency successfully introduced the project and the project successfully landed,The investment agreement (contract) stipulates that the fixed asset investment of 300 million yuan and above to 1 billion yuan (excluding 1 billion yuan) is landed in the manufacturing project,Award 300,000 yuan to the referral agency;The referral agency successfully introduced the project investment agreement (contract) agreed on the fixed assets investment of 1 billion yuan and above manufacturing projects,0 of the actual total investment in fixed assets according to the project plan.1% will be awarded to referral institutions, and the maximum award for a single project will be 3 million yuan。The specific incentive funds are balanced according to the total amount declared by the city。    

(3) Time limit for award    
The incentive shall be implemented from the date of issuance and shall be valid for three years. For investment projects newly registered and established after the implementation of these measures, the referral agency shall handle the registration and filing formalities and the signing of relevant agreements before the registration and establishment of the project, otherwise the qualification of the referral agency shall not be recognized。   (4) The circumstances of not being rewarded involve the capital expansion, relocation and closure of old and new projects of existing enterprises in the city, and the industrial projects restricted by the State shall not be rewarded。  

Article 3 Reward declaration    
(1) Qualification recognition    
The competent departments of the county (city, district) investment promotion work select a number of referral agencies as the intended cooperation objects,Report to the municipal investment promotion work leading group office for the record,And uniformly to the public for 5 working days,If there is no objection after the expiration of the publicity period,The local investment promotion authority shall sign a targeted investment cooperation agreement with the referral agency。Institutions that have signed targeted investment cooperation agreements are qualified to declare。Guangzhou (Qingyuan) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park, Guangfo (Fogang) Industrial Park, Guangde (Yingde) Industrial Park independently select referral agencies and sign relevant agreements, and other industrial parks are arranged by the territorial investment promotion work department。

(2) Filing    
The incentive of intermediary investment projects shall implement the contract and investment investment project filing system。Referral institutions in contact with investment projects should be within 30 days and before the signing of a formal investment agreement to the municipal investment promotion work leading group office for the introduction of the project record, and provide the recommendation of the project investor's confirmation, for not completed in advance of the filing procedures will not be awarded。The filing process is as follows:    
The referral agency shall submit the business license of the investor of the referral project when filing the referral project, fill in the "Qingyuan City intermediary Investment Project Registration and record Form" and add the investor's opinion and official seal,The approval shall be submitted to the municipal Leading Group for investment promotion after examination and approval by the competent department of investment promotion in the territory,The record shall be completed after the opinion issued by the Municipal Investment Promotion Leading Group Office and the official seal is affixed。If multiple referral agencies recommend the same project at the same time,In principle, the referral agency shall be recognized by the territorial government or the park management Committee as having close cooperation and participating in promoting the implementation of the project;Special case,The relevant referral agency shall negotiate the incentive allocation plan on its own,The distribution plan shall be reported together with the time limit specified above,Otherwise, the project referral reward will not be issued。    

(3) Time and conditions for declaration    
In principle, the award declaration work is carried out once a year, and the declaration time is subject to the specific notice。The referral agency can declare 50% of the total amount of incentive funds in the year after the project pays all the land payment and obtains the real estate title certificate, and declare the remaining 50% in the year when the total amount of fixed investment is agreed upon and the project is officially put into operation。    

(4) award declaration materials    
1."Qingyuan City intermediary investment promotion project Award Form";    
2.Qingyuan City intermediary Investment project registration and record Form;    
3.An intermediary investment promotion agreement signed with the competent department of investment promotion in the territory;    
4.Copy of the business license of the referral agency or the main registration certificate (check the original);    
5.Photocopy of the ID card of the operator (check the original);    
6.Land payment related bills and real estate title certificates (recommended manufacturing projects fixed assets investment incentive submission);    
7.Photocopy of proof of total project investment (project investment agreement and project approval or filing materials issued by the development and reform department);    
8.The data provided by the enterprise will be compared and confirmed with the data of the municipal Bureau of Statistics, and the specific statistical statements of enterprises that have completed the system in the municipal statistical department shall be subject to the submission of fixed asset investment incentives for recommended manufacturing projects;    
9.Supporting materials or relevant commitment letters that have no actual relationship between the introducing institution and the project investor;    
10.Other required supporting materials。  

Article 4 Examination of the declared items    
The Office of the Leading Group of the Municipal Investment Promotion Work invites third-party audit institutions to conduct review in a timely manner, jointly with relevant functional departments to review the reported projects, and approves the list of reward projects and the amount of reward according to the audit opinions。Approved by the review of the project, by the municipal investment promotion work leading group office of the project and the amount of incentives to be published on the Internet for 5 working days。    

Article 5 Allocation of funds    
If there is no objection after the publicity of the project,The municipal Investment Promotion work leading Group office shall report the relevant project declaration, review and incentive plan to the municipal government for approval,By the municipal and territorial finance in accordance with the "project before the budget" requirements,It will be incorporated into the budgets of the next year,The financial department shall allocate the funds according to the fund allocation plan of the competent department。    

Article 6 Funding源    
In these measures, the incentive funds shall be shared by the municipal finance, the county (city, district) where the project is located, and the park finance in proportion [among which, the high-tech zone, Qingcheng District and the municipal finance shall be shared in 40:60 ratio,Other counties (cities, districts) and Guangzhou (Qingyuan) Industrial transfer Industrial Park, Guangfo (Fogang) Industrial Park, Guangde (Yingde) Industrial Park and the municipal finance in 50:50 proportion]。    

Article 7 Supervision and inspection of the use of funds    
(1) Referral institutions shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of these Measures, truthfully declare the incentive funds and consciously accept the supervision and inspection of the financial, audit and supervision departments。   
(2) The Office of the Municipal Leading Group for Investment Promotion, together with the relevant municipal functional departments, shall strengthen the follow-up inspection, supervision and management of policy implementation, fund release, and information statistics within the scope of their respective responsibilities,And timely spot checks,Prevent the occurrence of illegal and disciplinary acts such as false reporting and defrauding financial funds,Identify problems and correct them promptly。    
(3) The referral institutions that enjoy the rewards provided for in these measures, such as fraud and deception to obtain the reward funds, will recover the relevant reward funds, and cancel the filing qualification of the referral institutions。Those suspected of committing crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling according to law。    

Article 8 Others    
(1) These Measures shall come into force as of the date of promulgation and shall be valid for three years。    
(2) The Municipal Investment Promotion work leading Group Office is responsible for the final interpretation of these measures。Contact number: 0763-3368083。

      Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce Zhong Junhao President, Executive Vice President and Secretary General Song Zhenxiong, Executive Vice president and Vice chairman Ye Guohua, Executive Vice President Cao Shituo (Executive President and Secretary General of Shenzhen Fugang Chamber of Commerce), Vice President Zhu Yaoming, Vice President Jiang Dongxiong, Executive Vice Secretary Yang Weiquan, Vice president candidate Luo Dayao, Shenzhen Qingyuan Chamber of Commerce Outstanding entrepreneur, Shenzhen Fugang Chamber of CommerceMs. He Huiling, Chairman of the Board, participated in the discussion activities held in Shiyan and Xinqiao of Baoan District respectively。


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